La Ciudad


Published as “Panoramic view of the Monumental Colosseum”
Source: Maffet, H (ed.) Ñuñoa: 58 años de vida comunal (Santiago, 1953)

Orígenes de la ciudad

[EXTRACTO] Manuel Shvartzberg
«The narrative of the city as a disaggregated assemblage of private interactions—especially via private housing—is a fiction with special pride of place within the history of liberalism—and in particular, with the idealization of the “rise of cities” in the medieval to early modern period. Indeed, the real history behind the “rise of cities” is much more problematic and complex. The relative autonomy of an emergent bourgeoisie was not gained primarily through the cunning of traders and artisans—a bottom-up narrative—but through the internecine warfare of landlords, religious orders, and monarchs—an elite, top-down contest.»

Historia preliminar de dos ciudades

[EXTRACTO] Daniel Talesnik
«By formalizing the property rights of these plots, what was celebrated was the city’s ‘availability of space’ and the expansion of the urban limits of Santiago. More than a tale of two cities, this is a cautionary tale of the division of a city in two, and an explanation will be offered on how and why this was reinforced by the events of 1979.»